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Rating By ptowntaco8tr, on Sunday, February 22, 2009
 (2 Tacos)
"always a lot of business with a long wait. Tacos are fat and they are not cheap on there food"
Rating By GenDeadEye, on Sunday, May 27, 2007
 (5 Tacos)
"eat there alot good service! "
Rating By Roy, on Friday, June 30, 2006
 (1 Taco)
"After 26 minutes of waiting for my food, I got a refund and left. The staff there was clueless. I eat at the other Taco Bells in Peoria with good, fast food. Skip the one on Sterling unless you've got all day to wait!"
Rating By rachL, on Monday, November 03, 2003
 (1 Taco)
"there was a big bug in my taco salad box. I was soooo grossed out" has no affiliation with Taco Bell or Yum! Brands