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Rating By John, on Sunday, March 09, 2008
 (1 Taco)
"Really kind of hard to be friendly when dealing with the racist management that runs this Taco Bell. They seem to dislike Native Americans (Indians). I look like a Native and have been given a hard time every time. Either close it down or change the management."
Rating By chad, on Wednesday, April 05, 2006
 (2 Tacos)
"cashiers seem not happy to work there i just dont understand it?? its taco bell!!-like hello! theres tacos, we"
Rating By AMD, on Tuesday, June 07, 2005
 (1 Taco)
"The worst Taco Bell in town. The food is different everytime you order. They always forget to put onions in the burrito, then want to charge you for them when you want some. The night crew seem to think this is Animal House instead of a restaurant. NO ONE EVER SMILES!!! Better to " has no affiliation with Taco Bell or Yum! Brands